The Idea:

About 6 years ago I came across a community owned football club (myFootballClub) and the idea has fascinated me ever since. Reddit Football Club (Reddit F.C.) is a community of football enthusiasts located all around the globe. Reddit F.C was created to allow a community of thousands to experience the thrill of owning a football club. In addition to equity, members will receive certain voting rights in matters that concern the football club.


Since the launch of Reddit F.C. on April 10, we've successfully attracted a large group of enthusiastic football fans from all around the world. With a membership of over 1,800 people, we feel as though we can push forward in order to secure a larger following.
Several clubs have already caught our eye, while we are focusing on lower league English football.


Some of the challenges Reddit F.C. will face is making the football club sustainable. Sustainablility is key for progression through the league ranks and in order to obtain sustainblility we will have to focus on sponsorships, ticket sales, and members to remain financially healthy.

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